Shower Remodel in Yorba Linda - January 28, 2019

Shower Remodel – Yorba Linda – Jan 28, 2019

Kitchen and Bath Transformations - Shower Remodel in Yorba Linda

Shower Remodel – Yorba Linda – Jan 28, 2019

Shower Remodel in Yorba Linda, CA on Jan. 28, 2019

Kitchen and Bath Transformations - Shower Remodel in Yorba Linda

Once again, our team of expert craftsman have transformed a tub/shower combo and vanity countertop. This shower remodel was completed on the 28th in Yorba Linda, CA. Our team finished the installation of both the tub/shower wall system and vanity countertop in just 6 hours, from start to finish!

The existing tub/shower walls were builders grade white tile that would have been very messy and costly to remove. As with many of our other projects, use of our 1/4″ thick quartz wall overlays allowed our installation team to custom fabricate new shower walls to fit directly over the existing tile! As a result, there is virtually NO DEMOLITION or DOWNTIME during this bathroom remodel!

The tub wall system is a combination of our Seville quartz and custom mosaic tile accent strips. The end product is absolutely stunning!

To finish the project, we installed a new countertop on the vanity in matching Seville quartz. Coordinating your vanity countertop and tub/shower wall system makes a big difference in the finished look of your bathroom.Yorba Linda Countertop Overlay - 1.28.2019 - After 2

While there are many options on the market for quick tub and shower wall system upgrades, make sure you are getting all the facts. The fact is, most tub and shower wall systems are PLASTIC! When you research acrylic, you will find it’s just another name for a PLASTIC wall system. Is that what you want in your bathroom???  OF COURSE NOT!

Kitchen and Bath Transformations only uses premium quartz surfaces for our bathroom remodels, often times for about the same cost as acrylic systems. Don’t settle for plastic that’s made to look like real stone… get the real thing!

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